Welcome to IST 2017: Taking the lead in real world transitions

The 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference
18-21 June 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Year 2050 is just around the corner.

From a transition perspective, three decades is not a long time. Yet the United Nations sustainable development goals are set for 2030, and the pace of climate change calls for rapid transformation of massive sociotechnical systems. The challenges are enormous. Reaching ambitious societal targets at local and global levels relies on collective action, but also on private and public agents daring to take the lead in complex open-ended processes.

The 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST 2017) will devote special attention to the challenges confronting those wanting to take action and do more. What understanding and conclusions can transition scholars bring to the table, and what key theories and findings are yet to be developed and discovered?

Welcome to IST 2017!

Hosted by

Chalmers University of Technology and Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions (CIIST) together with Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN)

ist 2017

Conference Information

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The IST 2017 conference program includes a number of focused paper sessions, inspiring keynote talks and eye-opening speed talk, dialog and poster sessions.

Abstract Submission

We invite scholars to submit papers on a broad range of issues and debates in sustainability transitions research. The submission is now closed.

Sweden Meetx

Conference Venue

Lindholmen Conference Centre is located at Lindholmen Science Park in the harbour of Gothenburg – a transition arena in an area in transition.

Further Information

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