Best paper award

For IST2017 we have eleven papers that have been nominated for best paper award. The award for best paper and best poster will be presented during the Welcome Reception at the Museum of World Culture, Monday June 19th.

All nominated papers were submitted before deadline (15/5), late submissions have not been considered. With these nominations, we would like to highlight key aspects of the conference themes and papers that bring new insights to the field or present important emerging topics. We believe the nominated papers illustrate the grand scope of the transition field and some of its potential. We sure hope that you will enjoy reading them!

For voting on one of the nominated papers, all delegates will receive a text message with a link.

The nominated papers are:

Bristol’s Energy Scene – C20

By: Jonas Torrens, Philip Johnstone and Johan Schot

Track: Cities, regions and industries

Presented in Parallel Session D: Sustainable urbanism and governance I

Energy Internet Forums as acceleration phase transition Intermediaries – A37

By: Sampsa Hyysalo, Jouni K. Juntunen and Mari Martiskainen

Track: Consumption practices and grassroot movements

Presented in Parallel Session A: User involvement in energy transitions

Analyzing transition pathways in developing cities – H22

By: Mara J. van Welie, Pauline C. Cheruny, Bernhard Truffer and James T. Murphy

Track: Developing Economies

Presented in Parallel Session H: Urban transitions

Business model innovation for car sharing – G25

By: Steven Sarasini and Ove Langeland

Track: Entrepreneurship

Presented in Parallel Session A: Policy challenges for the circular economy

Learning spaces for transition – E27

By: Therese Hume

Track: Leadership and Learning

Presented in Parallel Session E: Transforming university

Promoting and sustaining rural social innovation – H18

By: Malin Lindberg

Track: Micro accounts of collaborative innovation

Presented in Parallel Session H: Social innovation

Consumer heterogeneity – C15

By: Aileen Lam, Hazel Pettifor, J-F Mercure and Charlie Wilson

Track: Modelling transitions and the role of quantitative assessment in transition governance

Presented in Parallel Session C: Models of eco-innovation

The feasibility of sustainability transitions pathways- D01

By: Bruno Turnheim and Björn Nykvist

Track: New Frontiers

Presented in Parallel Session D: Theory and policy

Design-feature dynamics and effects in policy mixes – B20

By: Tobias S Schmidt and Sebastian Sewerin

Track: Politics and policy

Presented in Parallel Session B: Impact of policy mixes across countries and sectors

Explaining Iceland’s low-carbon transition in 1940-2010 – E18

By: Odinn Melsted

Track: Sustainability transitions and history

Presented in Parallel Session E: Energy transitions and history

Global socio-technical regimes –A04

By: Lea Fuenfschilling and Christian Binz

Track: Theoretical and methodological advances

Presented in Parallel Session A: Institutional perspectives

If you like to read papers presented at the conference. Go to the detailed programme on our webpage, click on the presentation title of the paper (not on the paperclip symbol or author), scroll to the bottom of the abstract, click on the button “Document”, use the password that previously have been sent out (see for example email: “Award for best paper and best poster”) and the paper will pop up!